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Top Selling Products

One of the most complete and comprehensive collections of recognition awards, gifts, and promotional ad products available anywhere, providing participation trophies for the needs of junior athletic leagues to awards for the most sophisticated corporate recognition, safety, and motivational programs.

We provide access to any product avalable to enhance your company or organization's image.

Grand Awards uses the latest in engraving techniques - laser, diamond and rotary etching, and abrasive etching -- as well as pad printing, embroidery, and screen printing. Our design artists provide award winning and memorable products you will be proud to present. Our technical specialists are the most fastidious in the industry. In short, the quality of our products is unsurpassed.

Our products include the best available in crystal, plaques, clocks, marble and stone, sculpted designs in precious and common metals, and trophy items at prices competitive with the most popular discount catalog volume retailers. Try us, and you will see why we say Quality Awards are Grand Awards.

Our customers continue to see enhanced selections in range of products, types of products, and quality of product. We continually add new lines of recognition and award products to offer selections beyond the traditional, to include glass, leaded crystal, optic crystal, engraved in a variety of methods, from traditional diamond rotary etching, to laser etching, to abrasive etching, or "sand blasting". New products in marble, stone, bronze, and acrylic items are always available to our customers. We offer Howard Miller clocks as award items and gift items. We provide name badges, desk signs and accessories, engravable pens and desk sets, gavels, gavel gift sets, gavel plaques, business card holders, and the like. Gift items include beautiful engravable items for all occasions, including photo frames, wrist watches, pocket watches, money clips, baby gifts, bridal and wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, and paper weights. Our trophy selection is complete, from the most economical participation award to the finest in gold plated custom designed trophy to set your award apart from all others. We will help manage your employee recognition program.

  The rally was a great success.  I only heard favorable comments about the plaques.  Thanks again for your help and for your inspired design.  Your efforts contributed significantly to our weekend enjoyment.
Tom Geiger
Central Coast Maserati Club

For over twenty-eight years, customers seeking the highest quality award products and promotional ads have turned to Grand Awards for all of their company or organizational needs. Combining handmade workmanship with the latest engraving techniques, Grand Awards fuses traditional techniques with modern technology to create second-to-none products. Striving to serve all customers, whether ordering on the East Coast or West Coast, customers from all over the United States have chosen Grand Awards as their award and promotional provider of choice.

Award Types

Grand Awards understand each business and organization has different needs. Saving customers time and money, items requiring personalization, like engraved trophies, can be shipped ready to present. In addition to offering trophies, other types of awards are available from Grand Awards including:

-        Athletic awards,

-        Crystal plaques,

-        Desk accessories,

-        Engraved watches,

-        Howard Miller clocks,

-        Gavel plaques,

-        Paperweights,

-        Pocket watches,

-        Recognition awards,

-        Wristwatches

Customized Engraving

Grand Awards is pleased to offer various types of engraving techniques, including diamond engraving to showcase a recipient’s award. Discussions regarding laser engraving, rotary etching, and other types of personalization services can be facilitated by contacting one of Grand Awards’ friendly customer service representatives. Gifts engraved will vary, but can include some of Grand Awards’ best-selling items such as:

-        Anniversary gifts,

-        Business card holders,

-        Desk signs,

-        Engraved awards,

-        Engraved pen sets,

-        Engraved watches,

-        Name badges,

-        Various signs engraved

Other types of items may require a more personalized message that may take the right wording to convey a message of appreciation, recognition or special meaning. Grand Awards has years of experience assisting customers make the right words fit. For pocket watches, engraving tends to be more personal while engraving trophies and business plaques, engraving messages tend to be more professional.

Additional Products and Services

While Grand Awards is an industry leader in the award and engraving industry, business requiring other types of services and promotional products can turn to Grand Awards for all of their printing needs. Whether it is completing a screen printing order, using advanced laser printing techniques to complete a batch of business signs, or any other business printing task, Grand Awards can help any size business or organization receive first-quality printed or engraved materials without sacrificing time or workmanship.

To see how Grand Awards can provide your company or group can accentuate your business, encourage development and recognize outstanding employees or members, visit today and relax knowing experienced professionals are working hard to satisfy their newest, life-long customer

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